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By downloading and using this suite, you agree to all the licenses of the applications.

This suite contains the following applications:
1. Download suite
2. Run self extracting .exe
3. Choose the ROOT of the drive you wish to install to (for instance C:\)
4. Let it extract
5. Navigate to the folder (example C:\i2psuite ) and launch the menu i2psuitemenu.exe
6. Start I2P then i2pfox from the menu to get started

Windows Suite
Latest Version: eh5
Release Date: August 3rd 2011
Download Latest Version
Linux Suite
Latest Version: Pre-Release
No download yet

Special Thanks goes out to:
  • All those who work on I2P (without you, this suite is useless)
  • All those who work on all the included applications in this suite (without you this suite wouldn't be possible either)
  • Abyss Media for their useful program Quick Batch File Compiler and for giving this project a free license for use with the project (yes the I2P launcher is a batch script compiled into an exe)
  • To those in the I2P IRC channel for their advice, help and tips (as well as useful chatter that I enjoy)
  • SourceForge for hosting this project and giving it a better web presence
  • And to all the users of this suite (without you, the development of this suite is a waste of my time)

Play nice and stay free

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